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The US detention center at Guantánamo Bay has been open for over 14 years. 80 men remain imprisoned, 26 of whom are cleared for release. Witness Against Torture is working to raise awareness about their torture and indefinite detention. We’re also working to combat Islamophobia across the US. If you want to get involved, we’ve got some ideas for you. Click here to learn more.

In Focus

July 15-18 (Cleveland, Ohio): The People’s Convention in Response to the RNC

Join the WAT community  as we participate in the People’s Justice and Peace Convention and the first day of the Republican National Convention protest in Cleveland, Ohio. WAT will be in Cleveland from July 15th thru 18th participating in the following activities to speak against the pro-torture stances of Donald Trump and to protest the racist and islamophobic rhetoric that has permeated his campaign. As torture and closing Guantanamo have been treated with horrifying humor, this is an important opportunity to remind the public that torture is always wrong and Guantanamo should be closed today.

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